GSM Access Control

GSM Remote Control

GSM remote control unit with illuminated keypad for door & gates opening. To open the door you can type your unique 4 digits PIN access code or dial the mobile number of the unit free of charge (Caller ID). When the correct PIN access code is recognized the unit opens the gate/door. Changing the PIN access codes, setting the phone numbers and other parameters can be programmed remotely by sending text (SMS) to the unit.

GSM Door Open
Our audio GSM “Door phone to Phone” units allows you to control your door by calling you on your mobile (GSM) when you have visitors. The GSM intercoms also allows you to speak and also remotely open doors, gates and other access control devices by pressing a key combination on your mobile phone. This system is particularly useful in large apartment buildings where no provision was made for intercom facility.

GSM Switch
This advanced GSM communication device is ideal for a wide range of security applications. It can operate with gates, barriers, shutters, garage doors and entry doors remotely and securely using the Caller ID from a mobile or land line phone without any call costs. It can be programmed with up to 200 phone numbers. When the user, who is on the list, calls the nominated phone number of the device, the system recognizes users phone number and opens the gates.

Guard Tour System
Guard Tour System is a simple and very effective management system designed to ensure that security guards do theirs job – to patrol restricted areas according to guarding plans and rules. Guards carry a handheld RFID reader all the time and when checking the strategic spots they must check the RFID reader with the RFID checkpoint installed near by. When guards end the patrolling job the manager can easily download the time, date and checkpoint ID numbers to make sure the guards did theirs job.